Ambulatory Services

Bringing a horse to the veterinarian’s facility can be a challenge for owners with limited mobility, restricted transportation, or commitments at home that make outside activities difficult. And let’s face it—some horses just don’t trailer well enough to travel. In our continuing efforts to offer the best veterinary care to all of our clients and their horses, we are pleased to offer ambulatory services to care for your horse.

Our equine ambulatory service permits us to bring our highly qualified staff and medical expertise right to your farm or ranch. We offer preventive care such as annual physical examinations and vaccinations for your horse as well as an emergency treatment if your horse suddenly becomes sick. Horses that are fearful or easily stressed also benefit from being examined in their own environment, where they are likely to feel more secure and calm. This permits us to better evaluate them in a more relaxed and natural setting.

Very young, sick, or elderly horses can also benefit from our ambulatory services, as well as horses that need to be seen after hours or on weekends or holidays.

There are many reasons to consider taking advantage of our ambulatory services, so please contact us today if you would like to have one of our professionals to make a farm call to assist you and your horse.

Please call us today to schedule a purchase examination!